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Advanced Threat Detection with Machine-Generated Intelligence
October 28, 2015, 10:00 am

Companies are losing traction in the fight to identify and prevent advanced persistent threats (APTs) mainly because threat intelligence is often inaccurate or incomplete. The IT security practitioners in our latest study, Advanced Threat Detection with Machine-Generated Intelligence, believe better intelligence could have stopped an average of five security breaches their company had in the past two years. The good news is machine-generated intelligence provided by near-real-time technologies can improve threat detection and the ability to determine baseline or “normal behavior” in order to detect abnormal behavior.  According to participants in our research, machine-generated intelligence solutions will make threat intelligence more actionable and useful.  We hope you will read our latest study sponsored by Prelert, Advanced Threat Detection with Machine-Generated Intelligence, which looks at the state of advanced threat detection in companies, technologies deployed to detect advanced threats and the value of machine-generated intelligence.

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