Our Research Methods

Ponemon Institute conducts independent research on data protection and emerging information technologies. Our goal is to enable organizations in both the private and public sectors to have a clearer understanding of the trends in practices, perceptions and potential threats that will affect the collection, management and safeguarding of information assets. Ponemon Institute research informs organizations on how to improve upon their data protection initiatives and enhance their brand and reputation as a trusted enterprise. 

Our research focuses on the following areas:
  • State of security reports in the areas of data loss prevention, identity and access management, authentication, perimeter controls, database security, encryption, network security and identity theft protection.
  • Customized market studies for companies offering data protection, information security and privacy-enabling technologies.
  • Consumer privacy trust studies in various industrial sectors.
  • Benchmarking studies on corporate privacy and data protection practices.
  • Tracking studies on the cost of a data breach, cyber readiness, IT security spending and global privacy and data protection programs. 
The following are typical deliverables for our research projects:
  • Creation of the survey instrument.
  • Recruitment and enrollment of respondents in IT and IT security.
  • Administration of survey process, including collection and reliability testing of all responses.
  • Execution of debriefing process to obtain additional facts or to resolve survey anomalies.
  • Analysis of all findings collected from surveys (summary findings shared with the client).
  • Completion of the research report (PDF and Word document).
  • Participation in webinars, blogs and media interviews
Our clients

Ponemon Institute’s research services are engaged by global organizations in various sectors including information technologies, financial services, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, services, hospitality and governmental sectors, among others. We work closely with emerging technology firms that specialize in the data protection and information security. Our methods include benchmarking, customized surveys and experimental studies. 

In addition to research, Ponemon Institute offers independent assessment and strategic advisory services on privacy and data protection issues, and conducts workshops and training programs.

Results-oriented research

Our research has been used to set corporate privacy, data protection and security strategies for global organizations. We have the capability to conduct research in more than 26 countries representing all economic regions. The U.S. federal and various state governments have relied upon our results to support regulatory and public policy decisions. We have been invited to present before the Federal Trade Commission, Government Accountability Office, Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Postal Services and the U.S. Congress. In the information technology marketplace, our research has been used to demonstrate thought leadership and to create brand awareness.

The results of Ponemon Institute research are frequently cited in major media outlines including Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Associated Press, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, Financial Times, Business 2.0, Newsweek, Business Week, U.S. News & World Report, CIO Magazine, CSO Magazine, Computerworld, Forbes, Fortune, CFO Magazine, American Banker, Investor’s Business Daily, and many others.    

We uphold strict data confidentiality, privacy and ethical research standards. We do not collect any personally identifiable information from individuals or company identifiable information in our business research. Furthermore, we have strict quality standards to ensure that subjects are not asked extraneous, irrelevant or improper questions.