Ponemon Institute Releases New Study on the Efforts of Retail Companies and Financial Services to Improve the Time to Detect and Contain Advanced Threats

May 28, 2015 at 11:00 am

Advanced Threats in Financial Services and Retail: A Study of North America & EMEA, sponsored by Arbor Networks looks at how companies are using metrics such as mean time to identify and contain (MTTI & MTTC) to improve the effectiveness of how they are responding to advanced threats and denial of service attacks.

According to the findings, financial services companies are doing a much better job than the retail sector in using such metrics to improve their security posture and are more optimistic about how they will improve the time to identify and contain advanced threats.  Right now, financial services reports it takes an average of 98 days to detect an AT but retailers say it can be about seven months.

This is also the first time we studied the use of the cyber kill chain to stop advanced threats. The study reveals that those companies using the cyber kill chain approach are not allocating enough resources to those phases, such as reconnaissance, where it is most difficult to stop ATs. For more details about how companies in these two industry sectors are taking steps to safeguard their information assets the full reports are now available.

Advanced Threats in Retail Companies
Advanced Threats in Financial Services

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