Ponemon Institute and Kilpatrick Townsend release The Second Annual Study on the Cybersecurity Risk to Knowledge Assets

April 25, 2018 at 2:00 pm

The key takeaway of this research is that companies’ awareness of the risk to knowledge assets has increased since the first study was conducted. Which is having a positive impact on their ability to safeguard these high value assets. Specifically, more companies are making the protection of knowledge assets an integral part of their IT security strategy and boards of directors are requiring assurances that knowledge assets are managed and safeguarded appropriately.

The heightened awareness of the threats is also influencing the adoption of specific technologies designed to protect knowledge assets. The ones for which use is increasing most rapidly include big data analytics, identity management and authentication and SIEM.

The report also provides best practices based on the experiences of organizations that self-report they are highly effective in safeguarding knowledge assets. Such practices include a greater attention to restricting employee access to knowledge assets based on need to know. These organizations also are more likely to conduct audits to ensure adherence to their practices and policies that safeguard knowledge assets. They are significantly more likely to have independent audits by third parties.

We hope you will download the full report:

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Dr. Larry Ponemon
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